Paper Birch Designs

A wedding invitation studio wanted a website that can reflect its deep love for nature and tradition, and something that’s easy to use for its tech-adverse clients.


Paper Birch Designs is a boutique studio by Lacy Geary that specializes in handcrafted wedding invitation suites inspired by a deep love of nature and tradition. Lacy wanted a ‪website‬ that can compliment her brand, and something that doesn’t feel cluttered or too complicating for her tech-adverse clients to use. The result was a simple, clean and elegant-looking website with easy-to-use navigation and design details such as earthy colors and serif fonts to reflect its brand values.

This custom website also comes with a responsive design which adapts to all screen sizes no matter whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. As the browser window is being resized, notice the change in the navigation menus and the content layout from three columns to one. This not only provides a positive user experience for each device but also improves the mobile SEO, allowing the business to appear in Google search results.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Custom Website Design & Development