About Eva

My Story

“My mission is to help ambitious creative owners all over the world to do fulfilling work and make a good living at the same time.”

Hi, I’m Eva.

Years ago, I made a bold decision to move from the sunny island of Singapore to the States to pursue my dreams of becoming a world-class graphic designer. I studied at Art Institute of Boston, and was later offered a full-time position at one of Massachusett’s best award-winning branding agency called Tank Design in Cambridge where I designed for high-profile international clients across different industries such as PUMA, New Balance, Rue Lala, Trinity School, MIT and FedEx.

Life was good but I couldn’t help but feel something was missing. I felt somewhat disconnected to my work serving big faceless corporations and that my job lacked real purpose and meaning. I felt like a hamster running on a wheel mindlessly and knew deep inside that life was more than this safe but soul-sucking routine.

Today, my mission is to help ambitious heart-centered female entrepreneurs all over the world do fulfilling, impactful work and make a good living at the same time.

I help passionate coaches, consultants and online course creators to craft beautiful brand identities and build websites that convert with the help of sales funnels and messaging that speaks clearly to your dream customer. You’ll benefit from my eclectic skills and knowledge that I’ve accumulated over 15 years of helping clients and being a small business owner myself – business strategy, branding, web design, tech, photography, online marketing strategies, direct response copywriting and last but not least, website conversion principles.

Simply put, my end goal is to help you to craft a strong and elegant brand that will attract better customers and grow your revenue quicker than what you can do on your own.


Personality tests have shown that my mind is a rare combination of 50% creative / 50% logical. This puts me in an unique position as a creative strategist and problem-solver who sees the big picture and enjoys connecting the dots between the vision and getting tangible results.


• I can’t wait to buy my first piece of gallery artwork and have  a soft spot for abstract paintings.
• I love to travel and have visited about 185 cities in 31 countries so far.
• I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs.
• I rather read a book than watch TV. In fact, there is no TV in my apartment.

How I Work

I like to make great use of your time…
And I believe it’s important to enjoy working together.

That’s why it’s good to be upfront and share how I work and whom I think will be a good fit to work with.

• I believe I do my best work when I work for the right clients. Hence, I only take on a very limited number of projects each month with selected clients whom I feel confident of helping and whose work I appreciate and admire.

• You deserve someone who is as passionate about your business as you are. If I don’t share your passion or think I’m the right fit for your needs, I’ll let you know early so you can move on to find somebody who is a better fit. No hard feelings.

• If you are somebody who likes to micro-manage or are simply looking for an executor, sorry but I am not the right person for you respectfully. I thrive when clients hire me not just for my aesthetic taste but also value the marketing and business insights I can provide them as a consultant.

• I like to keep things organized, timely and efficient. I work best with clients who work in similar ways and are great decision makers. You make decisions and you move on with ease.

• I work mostly over email and always strive to keep communication clear.

• I currently live in Singapore but welcome work all over the world.


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